Inter-Club Leagues
Supreme currently play in the following inter-club leagues :

      Men's Leagues
      New Surrey Bowls League (NSBL) Weekend 4's League (3x4's rinks)
      New Surrey Bowls League (NSBL) Weekday Triples League (3xtriples rinks)

     Women's Leagues
         Cristal Ladies Triples League (CLL) (3xtriples rinks)

      Mixed Leagues
      Kingston & District (K&D) Weekend Mixed 4's League (3x4's rinks)
      Moxon's Mixed Triples League (4xtriples rinks)

The league results and tables for the above will be posted on the club notice boards throughout the season.  

Additionally, the NSBL website (http://www.newsurreybowlsleague.org/) carries their results and tables along with their rules and results forms.


2016 League Positions
Our finishing positions in the Men's and Mixed leagues in 2015 were :
        Winners of the NSBL Men's Triples League
        Winners of the Moxon's Mixed Triples League
        Winners in the K&D Mixed Fours League
3rd in the NSBL Men's Fours League

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