Inter-Club Leagues
Supreme currently play in the following inter-club leagues :

      Men's Leagues
      New Surrey Bowls League (NSBL) Weekend 4's League (3 x 4's rinks)
      New Surrey Bowls League (NSBL) Weekday Triples League (3 x triples rinks)

     Women's Leagues
         Cristal Ladies Triples League (CLL) (3xtriples rinks)

      Mixed Leagues
      Kingston & District (K&D) Weekend Mixed 4's League (3 x 4's rinks)
      Moxon's Mixed Triples League (4 x triples rinks)
Fullers Weekday Evening Mixed Triples League (2 x triples rinks)

The league results and tables for the above will be posted on the club notice boards throughout the season.  

Additionally, the NSBL website (http://www.newsurreybowlsleague.org/) carries their results and tables along with their rules and results forms.

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